About ACCI

A.C.C.I. Inc. is one of the largest supplier / distributor for many us manufacturers of the followlng:

  • Aluminum fin stock, hydrophilic fin stock and coated fin stock for air conditioning & refrigeration.
  • Aluminum foil mill finish, coated and/or lamlnated for all kind of packaging.
  • Aluminum sheet and plates. (for more details and application click here).
  • Copper tubes, copper capillaries, copper strips, copper fins and inner groove copper tubing.
  • Copper fittings (return bends, reducers, tees, cross overs).
  • Filter dryers, receivers, accumulators and filter dryers.
  • Compressed Air Systems, parts and accessories
  • Brass distributors for air conditioning and refrigeration.
  • Galvanize steel sheets/coils (lockformer, commercial and deep drawing quality).
  • Flexible hoses, vibration absorbers, co-axial condensers and pumps.
  • Brass sheets/coils for heat exchangers.
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger for liquid chillers, condensers, subcoolers and liquid to liquid heat exchangers.
  • Compressors and electric motors for any application.
  • Incremental/through the wall air conditioning units and air dryers.
  • Fire and safety equipment.

We are a dedicated supplier/distributor for all manufacturers of electro mechanical equipment for the past 18 years with satisfied customers all over the world.