Custom Drawn To Your Own Specifications

Outside Diameter:
Approximately .035″ to 1.750″

Wall Thickness:
Capability range depends on diameter.

Commercial tolerances per ASTM B251 or better. Consult with our sales office for your application.

CDA 122 (DHP)
CDA 120 (DLP)
CDA 108 (LP)
CDA 103 (XLP)
CDA 706 (90-10 Cupro-Nickel)

As required, from dead soft to full hard.
Can be specified by grain size, Rockwell hardness, or tensile strength.
We can advise you on specifying a temper, depending on your application.

Level wound coils up to 7/8″ O.D. bulk packed or on disposable reels.
Bunch, helical, or pancake coils. Spool wound tubing available on reels.

Straight lengths:
Random mill lengths or cut to your finished length.
Depending on temper and packing requirements, up to 40 ft. lengths available.

Short Cut Pieces:
Our high speed tubing saws can cut burr free pieces down to approximately .250″ in length.

Small Diameter Tubing:
Outside diameters down to .035″. Coils or cut to length for control or other applications.

Capillary/Restrictor Tubing:
Flow tested restrictor tubing in accordance with ASTM B360 and ASHRAE standards.

In addition to round tubing, we offer square, rectangular, and many other shapes.